Vendor Terms

1. The Sponsor/Vendor agrees to pay their entire fee.

2. Sponsor/Vendor Booth must be manned at all times. Events for Change Inc. has the right to refuse offensive material from entering the premises. Abide by the space parameters given, (12′ x 12′ for 10′ x 10′ tent). No additional people may be invited/included for your exhibit unless approved by Events for Change Inc.

3. Fire Safety. Sponsor/Vendors must familiarize themselves with the fire precautions/procedures and are required to have the appropriate number of fire extinguishers. All sponsor/vendors must participate in a fire inspection prior to the start of the event. Fire lanes must remain clear at all times.

4. All participants in the event understand that their image, voice, and name could be recorded and that Events for Change Inc. has the right to use image, voice and name for advertising, without limitations.

5. Sharing. The sub-letting of all or part of a booth/space by a Sponsor/Vendor only permitted if previously approved by Events for Change Inc.

6. Weapons. Venue rules state that no weapons are allowed.

7. Electricity will NOT be provided at the event. All sponsor/vendors must be self-contained.

8. This event is rain or shine. Please plan accordingly. No refunds will be made should the event be subject to inclement weather, natural disaster or catastrophic event.

9. Property. Events for Change Inc. is not responsible for theft or damage to property belonging to participants at any time during operating, or non-operating hours.

10. Sponsor/Vendors must abide by all parking rules and are required to have proof of auto insurance in order to drive a vehicle on to the site.

11. Each sponsor/vendor is responsible for their own well-being and is required to carry all necessary insurance for all who represent them at the event, (including set-up and tear down).

12. This contract is non-refundable, binding, and non-transferable.

13. Events for Change Inc. has the right to make a final approval of this application and can deny applicants if they cannot provide all necessary items/documents/payments.

14. Food vendors agree to the terms and conditions of only selling approved items and will not sell any beverages other than approved non-alcoholic beverages. (Beverages must be approved by Events For Change, Inc.)

15. Food vendors are expected to: (1.) Pay a participation fee. (2.) Provide at least 250 “bites” of what they feel is their signature item, which they can then sell, along with other menu items of their choosing. (3.) Only sell non-alcoholic beverages, not including water. (4.) Enter their “bites” into the “Best of the Bites” competition – awarded by event attendees.

By agreeing to these terms, signer for Exhibitor acknowledges that he or she has read, understood, and agrees to the language above and agrees to all Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations as published by Events for Change, Inc.